A workflow script for Cinema 4D that creates a light at the current viewport/camera view. R18+
Create lights based on where you are looking.


Copy contents (.py and .tiff) to library/scripts folder in Cinema 4D.

WIN >> C:/Program files/MAXON/CINEMA 4D RXX/library/scripts
OSX >> /Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D RXX/library/scripts

Open your preferences dialog box (Menu >> Edit >> Preferences)
Click the button named “Open Preferences Folder”

Add button/shortcut to your workspace for easier clicking.
SHIFT + C >> It's Lit >> Drag to workspace.
Click to create and Area Light at the current view.
OPT/ALT to create a light with target at world center (0,0,0).
Select and object, OPT/ALT to create light with target to selected object.
Any light in the scene can be repositioned to current view.
Select light and click the script.
CMD/CTRL create a Spotlight
SHIFT will rename targets
Change the name of the light objects and SHIFT click on script will rename the targets.
If you already have a camera in the scene. Use the viewport camera to set your lights so you don't lose your place.
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