Hello, I am Algernon.

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago and raised in New York, I started my career as a musician and sound producer.  I traveled the world as a touring musician for over 10 years recording and producing albums and cultivating the ability to communicate with people of many different backgrounds.  During this time, I began to explore the relationship between sound and visuals plus learned to animate. Self-taught as a Motion Designer, while also taking advantage of online schooling and armed with a degree in Studio Production, I have over 5 years of professional experience both in corporate and freelance work.  I have worked with music production companies, collaborating on music videos and social video content and with B2B companies creating explainers and product demos and recording, editing and improving branding videos. I have judged competitions on sound and animation and am featured in various articles on motion graphic and music blogs.
I work as a 2D/3D designer, animator with the Adobe Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator), Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Logic, Ableton. I continue to refine my knowledge of art direction, story, composition, and sound through pursuing projects that challenge me to think differently.
Personally and professionally, my experiences set me apart from the pack (in a good way!) 
Let me help you to add a new voice and perspective to your projects.  Let’s collaborate!

Feel free to contact me: algernon@algelab.com or use the form below.
Thank you!
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