Welcome Campers is an interactive original series produced by The Wild Honey Pie and made possible with support from MailChimp, Nectar Sunglasses, Chameleon Cold Brew, and Rhythm Superfoods. Each episode features a different band recording alternate versions of their songs to a backdrop of various fun-filled camp activities.
Titles by Brandt Imhoff (brandtimhoff.com) and 
The Molecule (themolecule.com)
Animation: Algernon Quashie
Additional support came from Camp Champions, JBL Pro, Shure Microphones, Hive Lighting, KIND Bars, Focusrite, Soundcraft, and JoeCo.
A special thank you to Pan Up Productions (panupproductions.com), the best darn film makers in the great state of Texas, and our amazing crew!

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