Networking can be hard and may give you that weird icky feeling, but it is important to embrace if you are managing your own business. It is all too easy to give someone your business card, email or website address which they may forget to look at or even worse, never use.

A business E-Card (needs a better name) is a creative way to help try to make that early 1st impression. It is basically just a quick way of showing what you do without wondering if someone has clicked that link you sent, plus you might get a smile and smiling is good! 

This not a new idea, but an idea heard from listening to the Motion Hatch Podcast (great podcast, check it out). While socializing, ask to AirDrop or text your E-Card, that's it, while that icky networking stuff still exists you might as well have some fun with it.
Pictured above are some of the Illustrator layout work. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. Some sort of big, fat san-serif type like Futura, but didn't want to use Futura, as I and the entire world uses it, just take a look at this site.

The type Akagi Pro Fat was used for the name, and Akagi Pro Medium for the smaller text. The 1st column was the final layout and the kerning was tinkered with more in the final version. Still debatable whether the web address or the email or both should be used. Ended up going with the simple is more philosophy.
Brought everything into ol' trusty...After Effects and started compositing and getting the timing right. I wanted whatever animation I chose to fit within 3 seconds. Not for any scientific purpose, but that's probably the max someone will want to see something in a social setting. Shorter is usually better.
Once I had a layout I liked, rinse and repeat. Lots of fun to create, and easy to iterate.

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